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Our Air Conditioning Solutions

JADAIR offers a wide range of different air-conditioning solutions to suit any Queensland home. Our experienced team can come to your home, evaluate the size and layout of your space and provide a recommendation, quote and installation advice. We only recommend high quality brands that we know and trusted ourselves and that offer an excellent warranty service, backup, support and adequate spare parts division.

As a client, you can rest assured with over 25 years of experience, our expert team can guide you through the various brands and models and recommend the best solution that will suit your needs. By selecting the appropriate system, coupled with a professional installation, you and your family will stay comfortable all year round.
split system air conditioning

Split Systems

Split system units are the most common solution to cool or heat or a single space. Consisting of a wall mounted indoor unit and and outdoor unit placed on the exterior of your wall, they are energy efficient, easy to install, require minimal maintenance and come in a range of capacities.
ducted air conditioning system

Ducted Systems

Comprised of an indoor unit (usually hidden in your ceiling), and outdoor unit, a wired controller and discreet air grilles, ducted systems are perfect for cooling and heating multiple rooms or even an entire home. they come in a range of capacities to suit any sized Queensland home.
ducted system zone controller

Ducted Zone Controllers

Ducted zone controllers provide more control of your ducted system by allowing you to control individual zones. This allows you to turn un-used zones off, saving energy and running costs! Smart zone controllers also allow you to monitor and control your system remotely.
multi-split system

Multi-Split Systems

Multi-split systems are a multi-room solution which allow multiple indoor units to be connected to a singe outdoor unit. This means greater installation flexibility and space saving options. Long pipe runs offer greater choices for installation while each indoor unit can be controlled individually.
under ceiling air conditioning system

Under Ceiling Systems

Under ceiliing systems have a slim design indoor unit and are mounted to the ceiling- making them perfect for applications where wall space is limited. These systems are perfect for spaces such as retail stores, cafes and restaurants.
ceiling cassette air conditioning system

Ceiling Cassette Systems

Ceiling cassette systems offer a sleek and discreet solution for either commercial or residential applications. Sitting flush with the ceiling, they can be installed either with a single outdoor unit or connected to multi-split system and quietly distribute air through open spaces.

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