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Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water systems absorb the energy from the sun to heat water. The system consists of solar panels and a storage tank. The average four person household usually requires 2 panels and a 300-360L tank.

System types

Roof Mounted (Thermosiphon) System: A thermosiphon system has both the collector panels and storage tank mounted on the roof. The water in the panels circulates into the tank via the thermosiphon effect (as water heats up, it becomes lighter and rises into the tank).

Pump or Split System: Pump systems have collector panels on the roof however the tank will be installed at ground level. Hot water is pumped from the panels to the tank. A pump or split system solar hot water unit will use more power than a roof mounted option as the pump will be running for the duration the system is heating the water inside it.

STC (Small-scale Technology Certificate) financial incentive

Most solar hot water and heat pumps are eligible to a number of small-scale technology certificates (STCs) provided they are listed on the Register of Eligible Solar Water Heaters.

Repairs and maintenance

Solar hot water systems should run without issues and not require more maintenance than a regular hot water system. Having an issue? We are happy to spend the time to discuss your requirements and provide you with a tailored, cost effective, efficient solution.


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