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General Maintenance

Deep Clean Service

The CoilJet from SpeedClean brings water, power and 125 psi of pressure with it, in a compact and portable design for on-the-go HVAC coil cleaning. Specifically designed for condenser coil cleaning and evaporator coil cleaning, the CoilJet replaces a powerful pressure washer – and not the powerful enough hand pump sprayer – to quickly clean coils without damage to sensitive fins – even microchannel coils. The CoilJet produces 125 psi of coil washing power at about 2.2 Litres per minute water flow that won’t overwhelm condensate lines inside. This means you don’t have to pull evaporator coils out to clean the coils. 

SpeedyFoam®  is a safer coil cleaner for today’s coated and uncoated coils. SpeedyFoam is an acid-free alkaline foaming coil cleaner that delivers superior HVAC coil cleaning power without the harsh effects that other, caustic/acid cleaners have. Plus it offers an advanced degreasing formula for cleaning coils in restaurants, hotels and other harsh greasy environments. SpeedyFoam has an ultra foaming micro bubble action that moves deep into coils to lift and flush dirt and debris. It also has a fresh scent too and leaves coils looking – and smelling – great.

Maintaining Your Air Conditioning System

General Information Filters. The primary purpose of filters is to protect the indoor coil from dust build-up which could reduce the overall performance of the air conditioner. It is very important to regularly check and clean your filters once a month. The majority of service calls are due to a dirty or blocked filter and in most cases, a service fee is charged even if the air conditioner is under warranty.

Outdoor Maintenance Keep your outdoor condenser unit free of debris. Keep grass clippings, leaves and debris away from your unit, it should only require minimal care to operate properly. Check the safety drain. If water is coming out, turn off the air conditioner and call Jadair.

Manage the Thermostat Generally the best temperature to set your air conditioner to is around 23˚C to 25˚C in summer and 20˚C to 22˚C in winter. No matter how efficient your system is, your lifestyle can affect your heating and cooling costs. Of course, you want to feel comfortable when you’re home, but when you’re away, consider lowering your thermostat, doing this can help save a significant amount of energy. A yearly maintenance should be carried out. This will extend the life of the air conditioning system, and keep it at its peak efficiency. If your machine is not operating as you expect read the operation manual first.

Helpful Hints and Tips

Looking to clean your own filters? Mitsubishi Heavy Industries have put together a handy guide here.


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  • Jadair was very prompt in responding to my initial inquiry. They were extremely helpful with their advice with Troy emailing us and following up with phone calls to discuss various options and prices. Their service was prompt and very efficient. I was amazed at how they did the site inspection, report and installation in just 2 working days. We are so pleased with their service. We highly recommend them and would not hesitate to use their services again.
    Hilary & Steven O'Reilly
  • Jadair put in a Daikin 12.5Kw ducted system for me (7 zones) and I couldn't be happier with the service and install. Getting a full quote and plan was easy and all my questions were answered fully, so I was confident in choosing the best set-up for for my family home. Installation was professional, on time, clean and without any incident. The boys arrived early and were fully done by mid afternoon, having fully cleaned up after themselves. I'm definitely happy to recommend Jadair.
    Tony Matthews
  • From start to finish the Jadair team were amazing. I received my quote quickly and they were prompt to answer any questions I had. The installation was done well and the guys who did it were super friendly. Would highly recommend Jadair to anyone thinking about ducted air con.
    Cameron Stolz
  • Jadair installed our ducted air conditioning system several years ago, and have performed the annual maintenance ever since. The installation itself and subsequent performance have been problem free, efficient and effective. The technicians installing and servicing the unit are both knowledgeable and obliging. I heartily recommend Jaidair..
    Lynne Wright

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