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The advantages of a ducted air conditioner.

Ducted air conditioning offers the ultimate in cooling and heating for your home. The registers (air outlets) are discrete and flush to the ceiling, usually one per smaller room (bed/study) and several to larger rooms or open living areas that you want to air condition. Round registers allow the air to flow into the room with a gentle 360-degree cover. Square grills allow a multidirectional airflow with four adjustable sets of louvres, allowing us to be able to direct air to areas if we are unable to get the outlet in the desired location(fitting to an existing two-story home).

This means there are very few effects of wind draughts or hot and cold spots, just a comfortable temperature throughout the area or room. Silent comfort! Ducted air conditioning is cost-effective when you want to heat or cool several rooms at a time, rather than installing several split systems in different rooms. A ducted air conditioner uses one powerful inverter compressor to generate and distribute air throughout the home, via unobtrusive registers.

The compressor is located externally(usually down the side of your house), creating a minimal internal disturbance. A ducted air conditioner is controlled with a wall-mounted, easy to use control panel. Inverter ducted airconditioning is highly energy efficient; the system has a variable output and shuts itself off once it reaches the desired temperature.

Get ducted air conditioning Brisbane.

All you need to do is contact us and we will come to your home and design a system for your needs. If you have house plans and send them to us, we will design it before we have a site visit and discuss a proposal with you.

Zoning systems

Jadair offers the best of ducted zoning controls. We use and recommend the Advantage Air ducted zoning systems. Advantage Air has exceptional quality and reliability and is always in front with their leading technology breakthroughs and it is made right here in Australia. My Air The My Air zoning system allows you to precisely control what rooms you want to cool or heat with an easy to use large touch screen. You can even control the whole ducted air conditioning system via your phone or tablet with its WiFi capabilities.

Each Zone(room/area) has its own temperature/motion sensor so it will save energy by not overcooling/heating or senses that you have left the room for a period of time and adjusts the temperature. Zone 10 The Zone 10 system allows you to manually adjust the percentage of air into the room/area in increments of 5% from 0 to 100% open or closed. This will adjust the room temperatures to suit your desired temperature. This system has the capacity to control up to ten zones. It also has WiFi capabilities. Zone 6 is a standard on/off control system. There is no sensors or airflow adjustments. This system can control up to 6 zones but has NO WiFi capabilities.

Why Choose Ducted Air Conditioning?

Ducted air conditioning is often the most practical and cost-effective option for air conditioning new or existing homes and commercial properties with multiple rooms. This is because the units, materials and labour required to install multiple wall split air conditioners can be more expensive than one ducted air conditioning system. Each wall split usually also requires a separate condenser unit outside, and many people don’t like having outdoor units sitting on pathways or patios all-around their homes.

Ducted systems are also cheaper to service and maintain than multiple wall splits air conditioners. The air is delivered via descrete, silent registers(air outlets) and has a more even airflow to the room/area.

Why Choose Jadair for DUCTED SYSTEMS?

  1. Over 25 years of experience
  2. Access to high-quality brands and systems
  3. Fully licenced installation professionals
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